Programmes for Industry

The TEC Gateway, funded through the Enterprise Ireland’s Applied Research Enhancement Programme, works extensively with companies who have requirements for ICT innovation, particularly in embedded systems. TEC makes it possible for companies to rapidly take a concept for a product and get to prototyping stage using a multi-disciplinary engineering team approach.

The TEC Gateway specialises in cyber physical interfacing, networking and system development. Services provided to deliver your device concept to prototype include:-

  • Funding application support
  • User, business and technical requirements analysis
  • Architecture development
  • Prototype development to pre-commercial phase
  • Technical support during the commercialisation phase (limited).
  • Access to on-site tech transfer office and CIT Industry Liaison Office
  • Access to the full range of research and technical support services across the college.

We can design the management/business processes, user interface requirements, prototype devices, the network and systems that meet a specific business requirement. This allows you to then proceed to the product commercialisation phase with other relevant partners.

Take the first step today and get in touch with Sinead Rodgers (Industry Links Program Coordinator) +353 21 433 5569

The TEC Gateway is focusing on the application of their expertise in 3 main areas, these are Energy, Water and Location Based Services.