Innovation @ TEC

Proven Innovation

Here are some examples of our Proven Technology:

  • Tracking Location using Wireless Networks. Read more
  • Design Tool for Optimised Planning of Wireless Networks. Read more
  • Wireless Strain Sensing Surfaces using Networked Strain Gauges
  • Context Acquisition using Multiple Networked Sensors in Furniture, such as Tables, Chairs, Shelves, etc Read more
  • Object Motion Tracking in Indoor Environments using Ultra-wide-band Antennae and Transceivers Read more

Innovation Concepts

Here are some examples of our current projects:

  • Intelligent Embedded Sensing and Control Devices in Veneers Read more.
  • Stress Management of Miniaturized (Sensor/Actuator) Subsystems Read more.
  • Intelligent Energy Management Solutions for Solar/Wind Energy Generation Read more.
  • Collective Decision-making Using Model Predictive Control Read more.