Wireless Analyzed Energy Monitoring System

Company Profile

Eurotech has established itself as Ireland’s leading designer of renewable heating solutions having invented the EuroComfort System potentially 100% carbon neutral and 100% renewable. Established in 1979 as underfloor heating design specialists, the company expanded into the field of renewable heating forging a link with Ochsner heat pumps in 1984. Eurotech instigated the development of EuroSmart intelligent heating controls in 1999 and mastered the performance of renewable energy harvesting by taking advantage of the mild humid climate in Ireland and the U.K. to provide 100% of the energy required for heating and hot water production in any building.

Technology needs of the company

Identifying a unique commercial opportunity Eurotech sought a new wireless energy monitoring system which would use intelligent algorithms to reduce running costs and ease system use for owners and installers which would operate on a stable wireless network or wired with a possible combination of both. No existing product within the market offered a high intelligence multi-zone energy monitoring solution in a single package which could receive inputs as well as deliver outputs. Eurotech’s aim is to build such a solution thus adding a significant new product to their portfolio which they can export worldwide to track energy.

What the TEC Gateway can do

The TEC Gateway is currently carrying out research in Energy Management in Buildings, specifically modeling and monitoring of (electrical) energy usage in buildings using wireless sensor networks and optimal decision making tools.

How the TEC Gateway delivered

The TEC Gateweay used an innovative modular approach and provided the company with a full system requirements analysis, specification, design and build.The system design was tailored towards an intuitive multi-access user interface based on current web based technologies.Field trials for this platform will continue in 2012 via gsm wireless router.

Impact of the project for the Company 

The solution platform has significant international export potential and, thus the projections for employment growth in Eurotech as well as sustaining existing employment within this project are now linked to a real commercial opportunity.Eurotech plans to set up a new manufacturing and supply chain team which will include three additional highly skilled engineers to begin with.  Following that a skilled telesales team will be developed to support, maintain, market and sell the new product range as well as using existing products to market links, and market existing products.

Company Testimonial (Gerard Duffy)

“Eurotech have benefited in many ways by partnering with CIT in this innovation, we quickly realised the ability of CIT to research, discover and integrate possibilities using cutting edge IT technology to transfer our thermal and mechanical know-how into a modern IT solution. We know there is no possibility we could make these discoveries and development in-house. Due to the flexibility afforded us and a clear willingness to exploit every possibility we will succeed in developing an energy monitoring solution beyond our original expectation, to the entire team in CIT we are entirely grateful.”

This project has been funded by an Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership.