The TEC Gateway is the commercial interface of the Nimbus Centre.
» We develop the technology to bring your business idea to reality
» Your one-stop-shop facility for industry R&D
» We create new start-ups with international potential

The TEC Gateway is part of the Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway Network

What we can offer

Our Services and Facilities include Proven Technology and Innovative Concepts. Click on any of these features to learn more.

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  • Programmes for Industry

    TEC Gateway works extensively with companies who have requirements for ICT innovation, particularly in embedded systems. TEC makes it possible for companies to rapidly take a concept for a product and get to prototyping stage using a multi-disciplinary engineering team approach.

  • Innovation @ TEC

    An example of TEC Gateway Proven Technology is Tracking Location using Wireless Networks. Current projects include Intelligent Embedded Sensing and Control Devices in Veneers and Stress Management of Miniaturised (Sensor/Actuator) Subsystems. Click to find out more.

  • Services & Facilities

    We have completed prototyping and innovation projects in distributed sensing, hardware systems, automated resource monitoring, indoor and outdoor real-time tracking, multimedia systems, websites and application software. Click to find out more.

Case Studies

The following case studies are examples of just two of the projects at the TEC Gateway.

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