The Mallow Systems Innovation Centre

A Centre for Co-development, Validation and Trialling of Networked Systems and Applications

Mallow – ‘The Small Smart City’

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What is The Mallow Systems Innovation Centre (MSIC)?

MSIC brings your idea to reality, providing funding and technical guidance. Individuals, SME’s and large industries have found this resource invaluable.

The Centre Manager, Brian Cahill, can guide your company through the process of Enterprise Ireland funding for zero-risk Innovation research. Give Brian a call and see how his wealth of knowledge can bring your idea to fruition. 087 7824314.

Trialling facilities

The Centre creates the conditions through which industry innovation projects can be trialled in Mallow and move more quickly to commercialisation. Various technological solutions from projects are deployed and trialled in Mallow as part of an overall technological infrastructure for the town at large.

The MSIC develops the opportunities for innovative companies for the testing and commercialisation phases of their new products and services. The entire community is supporting the initiative, trialling applications and products and providing feedback.

“The Centre provided a professional and efficient service when routing my idea through an Enterprise Ireland Comm Fund Feasibility Study recently. A detailed conclusion was arrived at and we will now pursue an ‘Innovation Voucher’ route as advised by the Centre to realise our intended prototype. The Centre has been a pleasure to deal with.“ – Dr.Brad Noel MB FRCPI MICGP, UCC Clinical Lecturer in Medical Education.


The Mallow Systems Innovation Centre (MSIC) is a unique collaboration between a local community and a Third Level Institution, which creates a research and innovation resource with far-reaching technological, economic and educational dividends.

A critical mass of technology-related activity is created by the collaboration between the Centre and local companies and educational facilities. Funded by the largest single grant made by Cork County Council’s Economic Development Fund and by funding from Mallow Town Council, the Centre is an initiative of the Mallow Development Partnership.

The initiative is being led by CIT’s Nimbus Centre, Ireland’s only research centre dedicated to embedded systems. Mallow is positioned as a test-bed where wireless, medical and other technology is trialed before city-scale roll-out. Support for all types of technological innovation is fostered and supported.

Brian Cahill is very active all over Cork county and City, presenting at business events and promoting innovation in the community. Brian is active on twitter, see what he’s been up to recently by clicking this picture :

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The Need for an off-campus site for field trial purposes

The devices we all use are becoming part of an increasingly networked world. For new, technical products, complex systems behaviour is expected, and the services provided need to work seamlessly and automatically all of the time. Creating and commercialising these networked systems is becoming significantly more complex and in many cases the only way to effectively determine the likely success of these systems is to trial them in real-world environments. A significant part of this evaluation is how user-friendly these products and services are in themselves and in how they integrate with other existing and emerging services. In this context the customers and end-users often become part of the co-creation process in building successful products and services. The Centre was launched to support this process.

Critical Success Factors

The MSIC has created a unique working dynamic between diverse backgrounds of stakeholders all of which share a common interest in new technology and research. This research centre is the first of its type in the country and has secured €1 million of funding for projects to be deployed live in the town.

Benefits of engagement

There are benefits to the various partners in the project such as:

  • Mallow is set to benefit directly from some of the research projects, for example, energy saving systems, smart heritage tours and smart lighting solutions
  • Active facilitation and encouragement of collaborative innovation and co-development with local companies; access to resources and structures not previously available
  • Support and enhancement of other regional and national programmes that are designed to encourage innovation and promote job creation
  • Skills programme that sustains continuous professional development for businesses
  • Programmes of engagement with local education and training centres

Over €155K of projects have been initiated with local businesses since August 2013, over €80K of this coming from direct industry funding.


For more information about the Mallow Systems Innovation Centre

please contact Brian Cahill on 087 7824314

or email








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