Litmus is a public facility that develops, tests, trials and demonstrates applications, products and services. It includes three test-bed areas: Energy; Water; Community.

Each area successfully supports multinational corporations, SME’s and research bodies to develop and prove their new technologies.


energy  The Energy Test-bed:

The National Sustainable Energy test-bed (NSBET) is located at the Nimbus Centre. It is an energy and power management technology demonstrator, providing access to buildings and infrastructures to trial new control, heating, generation and storage technologies.

National and international industries avail of the world class equipment and a Nimbus support team to carry out research and development in both real life and controlled environments. The Energy test-bed is also available to other higher education institutes and researchers through European Commission funded research projects.

Clients have included: UTRC, Eurotech, Schniecder Electric, Exergen and GE.

 energy The Water Test-bed:

The Water Test-bed is a joint venture between the Nimbus Centre, Cork city council and Cork county council. The technological knowledge of the Nimbus Centre is leveraged with both councils’ extensive experience in water management.

The facilities give industry and academic partners unique site access to an array of water infrastructure across County Cork, including raw water storage, portable water treatment plants, water networks, waste water treatment plants and industrial waste water treatment relevant to food and pharmaceutical industries. The water test-bed uses state-of-the-art technologies on water quality monitoring, leakage reporting and repair, remote monitoring and more.

With an excellent track record of successful academic and industry projects with over 200 MNC’s & SME’s, the test-bed is engaged with key players in the water industry, resulting in innovation being rolled out across Cork County & internationally. Water projects include purification, waste water treatment and management, including smart control retrofit.

energy The Community Test-bed:

Creating and commercialising new systems is complex, to effectively determine the success a trial in a real-world environment is needed. The Urban and Rural Community Test-bed provides both infrastructure and citizen partnership to conduct trials. This ensures that end products are user-friendly and ready for commercialisation.

A regional community with access to high-performance broadband facilities is supporting the initiative, trialling applications, product development and providing feedback. This access to large communities of key stakeholders is available to both industry and academia, providing a ‘Small Smart City’ to use for product trials, demonstrations and piloting. Office space will also be provided during trialling.

The Litmus Process

Gate 1: The process begins with initial contact with a Litmus programme manager or contacting the Nimbus Centre, CIT. A meeting will then be arranged to describe a proposed programme of work. The output of this meeting will be an assessment of this proposed programme with the emphasis on cost analysis, planning and funding. The proposal will be issued to the client, once agreed a contract is sent to client detailing the terms of engagement.


Gate 2: This stage involves trial setup and execution of activities. A survey may be used when necessary to gather user experience data.


Gate 3: In the final stage a trial report will be delivered to the client. A wrap-up meeting will also be held where the client and Litmus staff review all trial activities and results.

“Litmus provides a professional and efficient service when we used their Test-Bed to validate and demonstrate our product. The technical infrastructure, support by the helpful and knowledgeable Litmus team who understood our business needs, allowed us to complete our project beyond expectation at a very reasonable cost. The Litmus technical support team was readily available and a pleasure to deal with.”

– Barry Cullen,
Co-Founder & Commercial Director, EXERGYN LTD


Litmus assesses proposed trials and can provide funding support, with recent funding success from the EU [including Horizon 2020], SEAI, EI, IERC and SFI. We can resource and manage your trial. Litmus has special expertise in assisting Smart City and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

If you are interested in working with our team or for more information on Litmus please contact:

Brian Cahill

T: 087 782 4314