TAPSTAK Launches a ‘Remote Control for Life’

TAPSTAK is intent on transforming the way we interact with the world around us, having created one smartphone App that can interact with everything.

TAPSTAK co-founders Michelle Donovan and Tony Donovan approached Nimbus with an idea for automating SMS based interactions with radio and TV shows. A beta platform called ‘Voxtake’ was developed, however, it was soon realised that the possibilities went far beyond the initial use-case. With the help of Nimbus Michelle and Tony acquired a patent and changed the name to TAPSTAK to reflect the more universal appeal. 

TAPSTAK will remove friction, confusion and hesitation from real-world interactions, such as entering competitions, paying for parking, reporting faults and opening high-security locks – in fact, anything that can be done by pressing a button on a smartphone – by allowing people use to TAPSTAK for every interaction.

Talking to Irish Tech News, Michelle discusses the benefits of TAPSTAK not just for individual users, but businesses too. “Developing and deploying mobile Apps can be costly and time-consuming – particularly for small and medium companies. TAPSTAK now removes the need to get an app onto every smartphone and allows them to instead concentrate on building smart systems to receive and react to information sent from TAPSTAK. TAPSTAK opens up huge new opportunities for businesses to add direct mobile interaction to their digital toolbox as well as allowing data analysis systems developers and hardware manufacturers to bring new products to market quicker and more cost effectively”.

Read about TAPSTAK’s success story in Irish Tech News.




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